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AJI-SHIO® Black Pepper 80g


Spice up your meals with hotness and spiciness with AJI-SHIO®

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What is AJI-SHIO®?

Known as the king of the spices, Black pepper gives an excellent depth of flavour to your dishes. The use of black pepper in your daily diet improves your health by various ways. Black pepper powder are rich in mineral and they also contain a moderate amount of protein and carbohydrates.

What makes AJI-SHIO® so great?

It is perfect for table topping usage. Just sprinkle onto your favourite food such as fried noodle, seafood and chicken dishes.

It will spice up and enhance the flavour and taste of your dishes easily. It is also suitable for marinating of grilled chicken and barbeque seafood.

Inspirations in the Kitchen with AJI-SHIO®


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